FOB comes from the shipping term Freight on Board; it’s the Deliver part of our motto.
FOB means we offer furniture Direct, then Design based on your needs then Deliver on time.


Bold Innovation, Customization, Utilitarian

At FOB we understand when our clients invest in furnishing a project, they are not just buying furniture, but really investing in a look, a feel and a lifestyle their tenants.

Innovation. As expectations and trends continue to grow and change in the student housing furniture industry, we are committed to staying in the forefront of innovation and design.

Customization. Every furniture package we deliver is custom designed to meet the overall design style of the project while maximizing space efficiency of the floor plans. The possibilities are endless as to the type, material, durability, look, and quality of furniture one can design and produce when working with our team.

Utilitarian. Though the furniture must be appealing, it must also serve a purpose. A student's living space is relatively small and so every inch needs to be utilized. Traditional furniture companies make either youth furniture or adult furniture, but today’s college student is different and we understand their specific needs. If you want to create a lifestyle for students that will set your project apart from the competition, contact FOB and let us be the difference maker.


Let’s get directly to the point here, FOB does everything DIRECT. We have built our business operations model around trimming inefficiency by going straight to the source.

  1. After finalizing our client’s design plans for their furniture and receiving approval on he samples created for them, we then take the plans and samples directly to the production source.
  2. We have business relationships with some of the world’s largest production and manufacturing companies. These connections allow us to ensure no matter what quantity of furniture needs to be manufactured each year for our clients, we can always satisfy production and delivery schedules.
  3. While working “DIRECT” does help eliminate mistakes within our operation, maybe the most important and beneficial reason we work this way is it allows for cheaper prices to pass the savings along to you. Cutting out the middle man and decreasing the number of people involved in the process, means more savings for you, better direct lines of communication, and an overall more direct relationship between all the parties involved.


While FOB has always been committed to providing custom design services and efficient logistics, a tremendous strength is our installation effort.

We understand the importance of our clients delivering an on-time, fully furnished project to meet all deadlines. In most cases, we are the last contractor in before project completion, and time is not usually plentiful. To eliminate delays of any kind, our team has developed a delivery system that ensures your furniture will always be installed when and where you specify. Because we are there with you from the early design stages through installation, we are able to create production and delivery schedules that are custom to your project alone.

Our Guarantee As an insurance policy we bring all furniture well ahead of time into secure warehouse facilities located in close proximity to the construction site, all of which are supervised and managed full time by our trusted employees. This way we have ample time to account for all purchased furniture and make sure all quantities are where they need to be. We then supervise the storage and preparation of the furniture to be later installed on-time to the project. Our installation teams are second to none in their ability to provide a fast, clean, and professional furniture install. Our employees are trained to handle the furniture carefully and leave each room in move-in ready condition.

We take great pride in our work and never leave a job until our client is 100% satisfied with the end product. Let us be your all-inclusive furniture solutions provider and take the worry out of furnishing your project.

Student Housing Furniture

When you invest with FOB, you are not just buying furniture, you are joining a team with proven success in the student housing furniture industry. Our clients want their projects to have a look and feel that is unique and different from any other, and our company is just unique enough to make this a reality.

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