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FOB concentrates on multi-family design and function, including student housing and other group-oriented living spaces. We constantly analyze national and international interior trends--from both design and ease of living perspectives.

Here are a couple trends we see:

Neutrality with a splash of color
Designing a room with organic and neutral hues is calming and typically doesn't date a space as much as a trendy bright palette of colors can. The balanced solution: muted tones of gray, taupe, beige or a combination for seating, sleeping areas and dining rooms. Residents can then add accents of their latest or favorite color to really make it a reflection of their personality and of course make them feel much more at home.

Community spaces
We are ensuring there are areas for spontaneous collaborations. These breakaway spaces are designed to seamlessly integrate into the living space or sometimes they are a part of the communal living space -- just steps away from dining or sleeping areas.

Latest Styles

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