About FOB: Custom Furniture Manufacturer

FOB was founded in 2003 by President Brian Hunt and incorporated as FOB Charlotte in 2004. Hunt began the company as an import business--selling high-end residential furniture. In the first couple of years, FOB’s focus was high-end wholesale and retail residential furnishings. The company customized many lines of furniture and has always worked closely with designers and factories from all over the world.

The company’s custom work had its origins in developing wood case good lines in the Philippines and Vietnam as well as custom leather and upholstery in the United States.

The emphasis on student housing furniture--particularly high-end lines began in 2006 by outfitting clubhouses across the nation with custom, durable furnitures attractive to this niche.

In 2007, FOB developed its first line of apartment student housing furniture and provided full installation services for more than 4,500 bedrooms that year.

FOB has continued to evolve and grow with its customers in the student housing industry and continues to add new products and services. Their offering also includes outdoor furniture, game equipment, warehouse distribution programs, international sourcing, full installation service

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